Many Loan types work great for residents of Coeur d'Alene, Rathdrum, Sandpoint and beyond.

Conventional Loans in Idaho

Conforming loan limits in Idaho and Washington are $453,100. A minimum FICO score for a good interest rate is higher than those required for an FHA loan. Loan limits above $453,100 are considered Jumbo loans and interest rates can be slightly higher.

FHA Loans in Idaho

FHA loans are an attractive option, especially for first-time homeowners in Idaho and Washington, because the loan is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Primarily, the federal government insures loans for FHA-approved lenders in order to reduce their risk of loss if a borrower defaults on their mortgage payments. Typically the borrower can be approved with 3.5% down vs 20% that is required on other loan programs.

USDA Loans in Idaho

The USDA Guaranteed Loan program is a federal program offered through the united states department of agriculture.  This loan is ideal for people searching for homes in rural areas of North Idaho. It is an excellent product that offers 100% financing opportunities for those that qualify.